Flask-Pystmark is a Flask extension for the Postmark API library Pystmark.

The extension contains two objects, Pystmark and Message. Pystmark wraps the Simple API of the pystmark module. Both inject Flask-Pystmark configuration variables into the functions or objects they wrap.

Flask-Pystmark supports Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.3 and PyPy.


$ pip install Flask-Pystmark


Flask-Pystmark is configured through the standard Flask config API. Any of them can be overridden in calls to the Pystmark methods or Message construction. These are the available options:

  • PYSTMARK_API_KEY : Required. Your API key for postmarkapp.com
  • PYSTMARK_HTTPS : default True. Use https for requests to postmarkapp.com
  • PYSTMARK_TEST_API : default False. Use the Postmark test API. Note: a request is still made to postmarkapp.com, but accesses their sandbox.
  • PYSTMARK_DEFAULT_SENDER : default None. Default sender email to use for outgoing messages
  • PYSTMARK_DEFAULT_REPLY_TO : default None. Default reply_to email to use for outgoing messages
  • PYSTMARK_DEFAULT_HEADERS : default None. Default headers to apply to outgoing messages. They must be in the format required by Postmark. Note: these are headers in the email. If you need headers in the request sent to postmarkapp.com, pass them in to the API wrappers as you would in a call to requests.request
  • PYSTMARK_VERIFY_MESSAGES : default False. Apply sanity checks to all messages when created. Will raise pystmark.MessageError if it appears invalid.


# app.py
from flask import Flask
from flask_pystmark import Pystmark, Message
from pystmark import ResponseError

app = Flask(__name__)
app.config['PYSTMARK_API_KEY'] = 'your_api_key'
app.config['PYSTMARK_DEFAULT_SENDER'] = 'admin@example.com'
pystmark = Pystmark(app)

def send():
    m = Message(to='user@gmail.com', text='Welcome')
    resp = pystmark.send(m)
    except ResponseError as e:
        return 'Failed to send message. Reason: {}'.format(e)
        return 'Sent message to {}'.format(resp.message.to)


Pystmark Object

Message Object